Oil & Gas Industry Services

Oil & Gas Industry Services

Over the past 10 years our team has filled many roles for our Oil & Gas Customers

New Pipeline Services

SPA has provided engineering and field support for major greenfield pipeline projects. Projects included terminal modifications, new pumping stations, remote mainline isolation valves, and batch detection sites. The terminal projects included subsystems such as booster pumps, metering skids, pig launchers & receivers, and quality skids.

SPA has acted as an extension of our customer’s engineering staff through all phases of their projects:

  • Assisted with design decisions and equipment purchases during project scoping & detailed engineering.
  • Supported design changes and provided electrical field construction management services while projects were under construction.
  • Provided checkout and commissioning support activities; we are currently assisting punch list cleanup.
  • Currently supporting engineering and equipment selection on another large pipeline project and have seasoned electrical project management staff imbedded within our customer’s project teams.

Pipeline Control & Power System Services

SPA has experienced engineers established within our customers Pipeline Control System and Power System Groups. In their rolls, our engineers support all levels of pipeline projects from power relay replacements or PLC upgrades to the installation of complete new systems.

Our staff undertakes the following responsibilities at both new and existing facilities; subject matter expert (SME) level design review, power relay configuration and testing, arc flash studies, PLC and HMI programming, setup of communication interface to SCADA and external systems, VFD programming & setup, as well as checkout and commissioning support.

Commissioning Services

SPA has developed complete sets of checkout & commissioning documentation for new pipeline startups.  Typical deliverables include mechanical, civil, electrical and instrument commissioning guides; complete equipment and instrument device lists; detailed equipment check sheets & lists; schedules; and equipment, tools and materials that will be required by checkout personnel.  We offer field checkout & commissioning assistance to our customers, either full or in part, utilizing our experienced staff.

 Control & Power Panel Design / Build

Our staff has designed and constructed numerous control, instrumentation, and alarm cabinets for facilities and mainline remote isolation valves on customer projects. Our UL 508A shop is staffed to manufacture all levels and configurations of electrical control panels, ESB buildings, and communication cabinets as well as provide equipment inspection & testing services.

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