Past Projects

Past Projects

Manufacture of Remote Valve Control Building:

Assembly of multiple control panels and interconnecting wiring. Factory acceptance test of each
completed building was performed prior to delivery.

Pipeline Control System Upgrade

Scope of this project was to replace existing ControlNet & DeviceNet controls with hard wired or ethernet connections at 8 oil pump stations. SPA did the Design, Programming, Installation and Commissioning for this project. Equipment installed included new HMI’s, communications equipment, new overloads for the MCC’s, and new motor protection relays.

Manufacture of Remote Densitometer Skids:

The scope of this project was to procure equipment and materials, assemble and test 6 densitometer
cabinets for an oil pipeline. This included internal factory acceptance testing and a separate test with an

Bridge Controls Design:

Custom Designed PLC and VFD based control system for a sliding bridge at a local waterfront Hotel.

Heat trace Monitoring Panel:

Design, Build and commission a heat trace monitoring panel for critical city water and waste water lines
for a nearby city. PLC and HMI based system monitors utility power availability, heat trace functionality
and transmits the information to the city waste water facility.

Wound Rotor Motor Secondary controls:

Custom Design replacement for the secondary controls of a dual 500HP motor. The PLC based system
takes a start signal from the primary controller and stages contactors to reduce resistance on the rotors
while each motor is coming up to speed. The new secondary controller is interlocked with the primary
controller. Each contactor is monitored and alarmed upon failure. Test sequence allows for cycling the
contactors to simulate a start and allow for troubleshooting of the system.

Pipeline Control System Upgrade:

Scope of this project was to upgrade the existing Modicon control system to an Allen Bradley system to
standardize the stations and terminals on two pipelines. This included the addition of HMI’s, Allen
Bradley PLC’s, removal of old networking devices and replacing with new. SPA was involved in the whole
process of this project from starting with site surveys and as founding the sites to design of the control
system and commissioning of the entire site once the new control system was put in place.

VFD Building HVAC Controls Upgrade:

Upgrade old VFD HVAC system to Rockwell equipment. Team designed, built and installed a new control
system for VFD building HVAC systems along an oil pipeline.

PLC Commissioning Support:

PLC Commissioning support for a new oil pipeline. Team worked with pipeline operations to commission
all new electrical equipment.

Solar Site SCADA System Development

This project included the design, fabrication, factory testing, delivery, startup, and commissioning of the
SCADA system. Develop a PLC and HMI program to display all information needed to operate the solar

Grain Facility Hazmon Integration

Provide PLC and HMI programming to add Hazmon sensors to the control system. PLC programming of
the sensors to a Hazmon Webserver. HMI (Ignition) programming to display status and alarming of each

Railroad Wheel Truing Machine Upgrade

Replace Xycom computer and Optomux I/O with Rockwell PLC and HMI to control the wheel truing
machine. Scope was to design the new upgrade, build the new enclosures, program the new PLC and
HMI programs, and to install and commission the new system.

Utility Remote Site PLC Upgrades

Support to upgrade multiple remote site PLCs from Micrologix platform to Compactlogix platform.
Converting existing Micrologix PLC code, which utilizes Rockwell’s RSLogix500programming software, to
Compactlogix code, with utilizes Rockwell’s Studio 5000 software. Providing new electrical schematics
for each site in AutoCAD format. Commissioning Compactlogix PLC and I/O in the field. Configure and
test communications between new PLCs and Utility Facility (Radio Communication).